Walls Have Ears


“The collisions are as glorious as ever….swaggering … a classic TGU mix of soul, rap, electronica and bliss” FINANCIAL TIMES

The Transglobal Underground album for 2020 is entitled ‘Walls Have Ears’ and is available on vinyl, CD and digital. It features most of the TGU family, with appearances by Natacha Atlas, TUUP, Sheema Mukherjee, Rav Neiyyar, Dubulah, Larry Whelan and Inder Goldfinger, all of whom have been on the road with Hamid Mantu and Tim Whelan over the last couple of years. There’s also guest appearances from Ingrid Webster (who TGU experts will know from the London Zulu band) Raphaëlle Von Glitz (Beach Bellydance Babylon) UK/Bahraini trumpeter Yazz Ahmed, Franco-Tunisian vocalist Nawel Ben Kraïem and Algerian roots star Sofiane Saidi.

“They did it first, they did it best and are pretty much back on top form here” ROOTSWORLD
“A disc which, after two or three immersions, risks possessing you” MUZZART

It’s an album that at one minute washes over you, and the next grabs your attention. Like a lot of their music though, Walls Have Ears is a record of the world, and in these times of solitude and conflict and isolationism, it’s a very welcome one. BACKSEAT MAFIA