‘Walls Have Ears Remixes’ now out on Bandcamp

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The long and strange journey of ‘Walls Have Ears’ has taken us from the initial pleasure of the amount we raised in crowdfunding to some inspiring sessions in studios no longer running, through a pandemic and all the personal and musical chaos resulting, the initial Bandcamp Fridays, the return to the stage actually playing the album 3 years after recording it to….this…..a remix album featuring one mix for each track. We’ve included some Dub Colossus mixes not previously available along with mixes by Genetic Drugs, Lil Obeah, Andre Shapps (ex Big Audio Dynamite) and others…including ourselves.

The album is available to download right now on Bandcamp. You can also order the CD which will arrive in 2-3 weeks. We are considering vinyl if we feel there’s enough demand for it, but right now you can take a journey through an album that came together over 3 years but now sounds like a coherent whole. A winding path on which you can lose yourself along the way. We’ve loved putting this together and we hope you love the results.

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