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New album ‘Kabatronics’ out on February 25th

‘Kabatronics’ is a collaboration between Transglobal Underground and Albanian brass masters Fanfara Tirana. Beginning 2 years back as a remix operation, the project expanded into an exchange of ideas between Tirana and London that went beyond the Balkan brass roots of the music and bringing in a whole new cargo of inspiration from both centres.(…)

Sheema Mukherjee on Radio 3 tonight, 23.00

Late Junction Sessions Tonight’s programme includes a track from Nicolas Repac’s new album Black Box which samples the blues, the Huelgas Ensemble sing a 16th century lamentation by Marbrianus de Orto, and Terry Riley plays his New Albion Chorale. Plus the latest Late Junction session featuring techno curious accordionist Martin Green (Lau) and sitar innovator(…)

Trans Global Underground presents London Zulu.

Once again,International Times opens it’s doors at Maumau Bar on  Portobello Road. London Zulu will be performing live, the project formerly fronted by the late South African singer and dancer Doreen Thobekile. Doreen’s daughter Ingrid Webster is taking her place in the spotlight to perform the songs of her mother and more. On the decks,(…)

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