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Moscow Hall cancelled, Sunday 18th

We have to announce with great sadness that the Transglobal Underground show for Moscow this Sunday won’t be happening due to problems with visas. A big shame: we were looking forward to finishing the year off in style. We’re still going to be in Ukraine, playing  Kiev this Friday 16th, but won’t be in Russia(…)

TGU in Kiev!

November 16 ArtPole november party, Stereo Plaza, Kyiv This evening at Stereo Plaza will play the friends of ArtPole: the founders of the world world music stage Transglobal Underground (UK), and the most urgent event on this stage in Eastern Europe — The Khmeleva Project by the ethno-house band DakhaBrakha and the avant-garde trio Port(…)

NO GUNS TO THE WEDDING! Here it is at last…the first track to be released from the Transglobal Underground collaboration with Fanfara Tirana

We’ve been waiting a long time to announce this one….the next TGU project is an album we’ve made with Albanian brass masters FANFARA TIRANA, the title is ‘Kabatronics’ and it’s due out early next year. Here’s the video for the single, ‘No Guns to the Wedding.’

New album by Perunika Trio

We don’t do a lot of plugs here, but the new album by our good friends and collaborators on the ‘A Gathering of Strangers’ album, Perunika Trio, is now available. Anyone who’s seen them with us, or in their own shows, will know how good they are and anyone who hasn’t should check it out(…)

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