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Despite the mud and a sulky laptop, a success! Great atmosphere, nice people and fine catering which we are still working our way through this morning. Thanks to everyone who kept their boots on.

Another review of ‘London’s Calling’

“Strummer himself may well have approved of Transglobal Underground’s global fusion/dancehall take on ‘London Calling’ in that it doesn’t even try to compete with the cinematic clout of the original, but has enough street swagger to stand alongside it……”  

In Transit: London Khaleegi soundclash

Last Sunday a collection of artists from the Gulf States put on a show in London that gave those who were there a whole new feeling perspective and  groove from that region. It’s  been a great honour….and a  phenomenal experience… working with this line-up of brilliant musicians: thanks and respect and much love to Hamdan(…)

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