Coming soon: TGU subscription offer

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2021 will be the 30th year of Transglobal Underground’s existence. Throughout that time we’ve gained a reputation for never doing anything predictable, sensible or even feasible, so we thought we should do something totally daft, impossible and self-destructive to mark the anniversary. And this is it… we’ll be introducing a subscription service on Bandcamp and we plan to put out an albums length of music on it every month for the whole of 2021!There’ll be two tiers you can subscribe to: the first one gives a download album every month, plus discounts to merch, remixes, extra tracks and regular personal updates as to what’s going on.The higher one gets you a CD, even more tracks, and regular updates about what’s being created over the year.We’ll continue offering different projects each month….live compilations, unreleased gems newly polished and a whole lot of of new stuff we’re working on at the moment and of course, some music we’ve not even imagined yet.What’s on offer will be flexible, especially in the second tier, as we’ll be discounting some of the back catalogue on subscription but we know a lot of you have most of it already…so it wont be a ‘one size fits all’ thing, or even two sizes.

We’re looking forward to see where this takes us as much of it is going to be unexpected, and we’d love you all to come along with us…we might need your support to get us into rehab by the end of it!Full details will be unveiled in a couple of weeks, so watch this space.

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