In Transit: London Khaleegi soundclash

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Last Sunday a collection of artists from the Gulf States put on a show in London that gave those who were there a whole new feeling perspective and  groove from that region. It’s  been a great honour….and a  phenomenal experience… working with this line-up of brilliant musicians: thanks and respect and much love to Hamdan Al Abri, Yazz Ahmed, Waheb Al Dhanki, Nizar Al Issa, Mohammed Kaatabi, Mansour Al Mohandi, Tarik Saeed and Heitham Al Sayed for putting so much inspiration and energy into 2 all too brief but amazing performances.

Thanks also to Lucy Jamieson, Joel Mills, Ajeet Jugnauth and all involved from the British Council, and to Jason Walsh from Musicans Incorporated for producing the whole thing and keeping it moving even when it seemed impossible.

There’s a few bits of footage online right now, a link to one of them follows, and a proper live recording will be arriving in the near future.





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