TGU in Kiev!

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November 16

ArtPole november party, Stereo Plaza, Kyiv

This evening at Stereo Plaza will play the friends of ArtPole: the founders of the world world music stage Transglobal Underground (UK), and the most urgent event on this stage in Eastern Europe — The Khmeleva Project by the ethno-house band DakhaBrakha and the avant-garde trio Port Mone. A special guest is well-known Hudaki Village Band from the Сarpathian village, whose emotional and sensitive melodies continue to conquer Europe.

Tickets price: 150-750 UAH (15-75 EUR), can be purchased at and at theatre ticket offices in Kyiv.


Transglobal Underground burst on the British stage in 1990 with a brand new mix of styles and rhythms, immediately stole the scene on numerous raves and festivals. The audience tried to find a definition to their sounding — global fusion, world music, oriental music, dub, techno… TGU have it all and much more, but everything is in the bright mix created by the band. This embodiment of the musical globalism arose from the infinite love of dance directions, avant-garde and ethnic music, especially Arabic. TGU speak so many music languages and use so many styles of the world music that their creative imagination could embrace. This is a unique formation with an unpredictable line-up, which is constantly changing in order to achieve interesting results. Their latest work “The Stone Turntable” continues to receive positive  reviews: “TGU comprises more sounds, rhythms and styles in one song than most bands throughout their whole career”, “this album to the fullest corresponds to the spirit of time”, “they kept the magic that makes them special”… Indeed, twenty years onstage didn’t cut the drive of TGU: their energetic contact with the audience hasn’t become less powerful, it involves each and everyone into unrestrained dancing. Those who visited this year’s ArtPole made sure of that.


DakhaBrakha from Kyiv and Port Mone from Minsk will present The Khmeleva Project. This program at the beginning of this year whipped up the biggest concert halls of Ukraine which didn’t have the capacity to contain all those willing to come. Let’s bring to mind the history of the project. The first pieces were created in the village of Khmeleva amid the hills of the Dniester canyon, near the present location of the ArtPole Festival. This music is associated with the idea of joint creative experiment that was offered by ArtPole, the initiator of The Khmeleva Project. “It can’t be called a new genre yet, but it’s certainly a world detached from the contemporary music realms”, “a real art event on the border of music ideas, philosophical thoughts and emotions”, “the magnificent joint program” – these are the reviews on the project from the music critics. Today DakhaBrakha have under their belt joint projects with the world-famous musicians, and without exaggeration the band itself is known from Europe to Australia. Having experimented with the Ukrainian folklore, the group added to the folk music the industrial world rhythms, creating a bright and unique image. The instrumental trio Port Mone, according to the admiring critics, can “with only three instruments unite the essence of the modern musical culture legacy from rock, ambient, psychodelic, and extraavantgarde experimental music to pop-music into brand-new stylistic form”. The world emerges from chaos, the music arises from the soul of folks – this is the vision of DakhaBrakha. The basis of the creative concept of Port Mone is that music is in everything, and that one can always hear and feel it, and then organize the surrounding acoustic chaos.


Hudaky Village Band is one of the most original ethnic bands in Ukraine. The musicians mysteriously call themselves a band from Maramoroschyna, although this area you will not find on a modern map of Transcarpathian region. During their performances on different stages in Europe they offer the emotional concentrate of music diversity, which still can be felt at weddings in the remote villages of the Carpathians. For the first time in recent years, Hudaky Village Band will present their current repertoire including the songs from a new CD “Vandrui” that the Kiev audience will have a chance to listen to (and buy 🙂 first).



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