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  Greetings from Transglobal Underground. 2021’s going to be our 30th birthday. Thirty years during which we’ve gained a bit of a reputation for never doing anything predictable, logical, sensible or sometimes even possible.

 So we’ve been thinking; what could we do that was suitably difficult, impossible and probably self-destructive to mark the anniversary? Well this is it… we’re introducing a subscription service on Bandcamp and we’re going to put out an albums length of music on it every month for the whole of the year!


There’ll be two tiers you can subscribe to: the first one will give you an album to download every month, plus discounts to merch, remixes, extra tracks and regular personal updates as to what’s going on, as well as discounts on a lot of the back catalogue.

The higher one gets you a CD, even more tracks, and exclusive previews of  what’s being created over the year.

What’s on offer is going to be flexible, because firstly this is a new adventure for us and we’ll be learning as we go. Secondly because we know a lot of you already have most of the back catalogue  and we don’t want you paying for what you’ve already got, so you’ll be able to contact us personally for one or two bespoke items. And thirdly because part of this is about having a conversation with you through the year asking what you’d like, what you’ve liked so far and what you’d like to hear in the future. Obviously, playing live could be part of that, but for now we’re concentrating on making the music

We kick off in January with a special release: we’ll be bringing the 2009 TGU produced pan-Europe project ‘A Gathering of Strangers’ into the TGU fold. It’ll be remixed and seriously expanded online as our 2021 love letter to Europe.. A CD will go on public release in February but at a higher price and with none of the extra music available on the subscription. As well as the main download, there’ll be more or less a whole extra albums worth of tracks available on the first tier and the second tier, as well as the CD itself, will offer even more; plus more background about the whole project and some live recordings.

Then in February we’re very excited to be finally releasing our album of imaginary soundtracks, a project that’s leaked out a little over the last couple of years and we’ve recently completed. The upper tier will also include a selection of unreleased music from the soundtrack to ‘La Straniera,’ a collaboration we did with Natacha Atlas.

And on it will go..….live compilations, unreleased gems newly polished, a whole lot new music  we’re creating at the moment, a whole load of  new music we haven’t even imagined yet. For example, collaborations with Sheema Mukherjee and Dub Colossus are planned and already underway.

Most of what we’ll release will never be available outside the subscription, and none of it will be available as cheaply. This is going to be an exclusive journey on the Transglobal Express and we’re looking forward to see where it takes us . Much of it is going to be into new and unexpected worlds, and we’d love you to come along with us…after all we might need your support to get  us into rehab by the end of it! For Transglobal Undergrounds 30th year we wish you all  a 2021 full of music, adventure and positivity. Come and join us.

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